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Richard Jones addressing a group on one of his London walks.

Richard Jones, the author and researcher of the Uncovering London website also offers a series of informative and entertaining guided walks around London.

These walking tours are great fun, and they offer the opportunity to explore the City in the company of a friendly and knowledgeable guide whilst, at the same time, enabling you to see things in London that you might otherwise miss.

Each of the walks last around two hours and is conducted at a gentle and unhurried pace with regular stops for Richard to tell you about the wonderful history that will surround you as you make your way through the history-steeped streets of London.

If you would like to join one of Richard's guided London walks simply click on the "Read More" link after the description of the tour that appeals to you.


Charles Dickens holding a pile of books.

Join Richard for an enchanting wander through the streets of Southwark that Charles Dickens came to know as a child when, with his father, John, locked up for debt in the Marshalsea Prison, the 12-year-old Charles was forced to face up to the sudden, and traumatic, cessation of his childhood.

The Charles Dickens Walk takes you through the streets of the area that came to haunt Dickens's imagination but which also fired his genius.

And, the great thing about several of them, is that were Dickens to return to the area today he'd still recognise them, that's how little changed some of them are.

An abundance of curious and intriguing sights and sites await your discovery on this walk as you encounter a lovely secret garden, time slip courtyards, historic remnants, London's only surviving galleried coaching inn, and a myriad of locations that featured in both the life and the works of England's greatest novelist.

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A truly memorable walk that takes you on a magical journey into the hidden passageways and tucked away courtyards that nestle behind the modern cityscape of 21st century office blocks.

The old houses in Cloth Fair.

You'll delve into places that appear untouched by the march of time and progress.

Sudden turns will reveal delightful pockets of the past that you might otherwise have walked past without paying the alleyways that lead to them a second glance.

An abundance of intriguing places await your discovery.

You'll venture into the tranquil garden where the poignant plaques that line the walls stand as testimonies to men, women and children who sacrificed their lives in the act of saving the lives of others.

You'll stand at the exact centre of the City of London and learn how it influenced the creation of one of Shakespeare's greatest comic characters.

You'll see the glorious Medieval Palace of London and gaze upon the walls of its oldest parish church.

You'll soak in the ambience of the surroundings at London's oldest hospital to still stand on its original site.

You'll see gabled old houses, timber-framed gateways and lots of other magnificent survivors that will provide links to ages past.

And, betwixt and between, you'll be treated to a commentary that really will bring the past vividly to life right before your eyes.